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Laugh and Learn
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“Late Nite Last Week is a whole lot more than a montage of the best and funniest moments of American TV during the past week. Mark Whitney, the curator of this podcast, does an applaudable job of creating an entire new satirical genre that is comprised of several subject-based segments, each including a good deal of his own observations, commentaries and jokes. The meticulous manner in which he assembles each segment keeps the entertaining angle of the subject matter intact, yet sheds enough light on its darker sides to make them visible to our sleepy, uninformed eyes. Hence, we will not only be presented with a “best-of” comedic performances of the past week, but also encouraged to ponder the real-life issues that lie at the base of them. At times this may be quite challenging for the listener, since Mark’s intriguing point of view and style of presentation may make us query what we think we believe. It’s an immensely engaging process for all who will find exercising their brain muscle in such an entertaining fashion “f*^#ing awesome.”` ~S Ganji via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 06/01/18