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[v] Save The Sandbox · Mark Whitney For President · #ThePeopleArePurple · AOC · Zuckerberg · Political Speech

The principle that makes the United States the best place to be an entrepreneur or artist is that the First Amendment forbids censorship, so you are free to #KeepBanging until you get is right. Today, civil libertarian candidate for President, Mark Whitney, hilariously explains why Donald Trump, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Kamala Harris, and the United Kingdom are all anti-democracy when it comes to the free speech. MarkWhitney.com · #ThePeopleArePurple

158 • Citizenship Not Censorship · Zuckerberg Cedes Free Speech Mantle To Trump

“Nothing unites people who never say: Private companies can do whatever they want” like censorship they agree with. [SCRIPT

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